Green Armed Forces



1. The Armed Forces follow the modern hierarchy in waste management: Prevention – Reuse – Recycle – other Recovery – Disposal.

2. The main objective is the reduction of quantity and risk of the produced waste. Waste must be reused or be prepared for materials and energy recovery. If that is not technically or financially feasible, then the next option is disposal in an environmentally acceptable manner.

3. Waste separation must be applied as early as possible, namely at the source of waste production.

4. It should be noted that particular attention is paid to hazardous waste management, which constitutes an imminent threat to the environment and personnel, due to its inherent characteristics. For the said waste streams, we will have to secure their treatment within the Units, according to the best techniques available, their safe temporary storage, and their subsequent handling by companies
authorized by the Ministry of Energy and Environment with full traceability from production to the final destination.

5. The improvement of existing waste management facilities and the development of new, fit for purpose infrastructure in compliance with the hierarchy of waste management constitutes a key objective for the HMoD.A typical example of such an effort would to be to reduce the impact of specific types of plastic products on the environment.